You are in a place where your dreams come true in the career route. We mean the career providing each of our employees included in our team with the opportunity for the career development, having the characteristics of a school developing and teaching in every field and also making you feel like a leader in your duty. While you have the opportunity to work with our managers one-to-one with an environment where your ideas and your works are supported and appreciated. You will benefit from all the accumulation and experience of a global company.


What will you earn in this meeting?

  • You will feel like you are in a family environment and direct your career with the distinctive cultural structure.
  • You will find the opportunity to work with managers appropriating you within the professional management perception to give up thinking about the anxiety about the future and to improve yourselves with new ideas.
  • You will add values both into the brand and you within the perception of Win – Win.
  • You will add new thing into you and place one step ahead of your rivals in the life race with the learning organization structure.



We, the Administration of Human Resources, have the primary target to include the employee candidates, who have the vision and target to produce the values to move them and the company forward, into our body. Other than using the qualities and the competence in an effective way, our candidates wishing to work in ASF are expected to comply with the work within the framework of our corporate values.

Depending on the position;

  • Competence-based evaluations,
  • Mathematical and verbal tests,
  • Personality inventory application,
  • General ability tests,

Are some of the tests applied by us before the interviews.

Training – Development

  • We organize the orientation processes according to the duties and apply them with the working and team members to ensure the employee joining in ASF family to complete the orientation period in the most efficient way.
  • We raise the personal awareness with our training applied in parallel with the career target according to the duty and the personal development of our new colleague and we make works for them to add values for them, their institution and their country.

Salary and Social Rights

We adopt a fair and coherent salary policy considering the educational level, occupational experience, performance and sense of duty and responsibility of our employee.


Complying with all the applicable laws and regulations related to the working life.

Using the personal rights of our employees completely and accurately.

Approaching the employees honestly and fairly.

Providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Taking the required training inside and outside the company for the individual development of our employees.

Supporting the suitable social and communal activities and the participations with the sense of social responsibility are considered by us as the essential matters of our working life.




We consider our employees as the domestic customers and we make effort to make them as happy as our customers.

We support the occupational information and the personal development areas of our employees with the domestic training to be applied constantly.

We show the performance criteria of our employees concretely, inform them and meet the performance development needs mutually.

We try to provide our employees with a fair and transparent working environment.